Introduction To vlogging, A Beginner's Guide


Your Vlogging should always tell a story which is comprehensible to your viewers and so focus on story telling, whose art has been mastered

Put simply and succinctly, vlogging is the process of making videos and subesquently uploading them on to any of so many platforms with the sole purpose of generating audience. Some of the many platforms on to which videos can be uploaded for viewers are Facebook, Instagram, You Tube, Tik Tok and of course a host of others not mentioned. However, generating an audience for a beginner vlogger takes much more than simply just recording and uploading a video. 

There is a whole lot more to it than that, if one wishes to be any success at it. To start with, a would be vlogger must not take lightly the issue of very intense competition in this venture since tens of millions of people upload videos unto these platforms on daily basis and continuously. This simply implies that the competition to break even is as fierce as it can be.

 'How then does one make it in the face of this monumental competition?' you may be tempted to ask. Well, first and foremost, you require expert hints or tips on how to go about the entire process of vlogging which is the purpose for which this whole post is intended. It is therefore logical to see why uniqueness is absolutely essential, if you must stand out, in such fierce competition.

 By uniqueness here we mean the ability to create a video which depicts something different from all the other myriads of videos in circulation; something with qualities not quite seen before and in which many other people have common interests just like you. 

I am pretty certain that by now you must have began to see what I mean by 'fierce competition.' To achieve this very desirable uniqueness, one may have to go all out of the way by being either quite humorous or even outrightly impulsive and weird in their own way, for just a short moment in the video clip. 

Experts can give you all the necessary heads-up on this. This tip will, without any shred of doubt, thrill your audience and keep them spell bound wanting to see more. Do remember however that to do this correctly, all you need is simply to be yourself as you naturally are. It is a regrettable mistake to attempt faking it as most viewers are likely to see through any pretence.

 So, just be what you feel, what you are, what interests you and that's it. Most vloggers prefer You Tube as a first channel despite the multiplicity of other video platforms and so you might want to go along with this trend too. It is great if you do as a beginner blogger as well. When it comes to a channel like TikTok, for example, it would do you a lot of good to read articles on how to generate viewers for your videos.

   The good thing about vlogging is that, if eventually you begin to generate views, you stand the chance of making extra income through either affiliate marketing or even personal branding. Eventually therefore, you may not be only having fun, you may also be making a living. Wow, this is pretty awesome, wouldn't you say?

To be successful at vlogging may not be that easy as one may think at first, but certain guidelines or tips are likely to enable you break even despite the intense competition. We shall walk you through some of these strategies because we care how you fare in the end. 

These hints will be discussed in progressive steps for easy digestion.

(1). First and most importantly, go along or start vlogging with what you have natural interest or penchant for and not some adopted facade. Be sure to generate your videos along side the things you naturally love as a person and do not reserve or hold back on how or what you feel. Simply, be what and who you want to be as a person in all your videos. It is deemed as a great mistake and a panacea to failure if you try to create videos on things about which you know little and in which you have no interest. Creating videos on things in which you have natural interests will surely generate audience that share the same passion with you. Being creative about the entire process will equally do you a lot of good; try to always look out for what can be added or removed to generate more views for your videos.

(2). Competing with over twenty million people that are said to upload videos on You Tube alone sounds like an insurmountable enterprise, but it can be done and people do it successfully always. However, the snag is certain steps or strategies must be mastered. Before starting any vlogging, learn the art of video editing and the best way to go about this is by participating in online studies on editing and watching videos on You Tube that give hints on it. Proper video editing gives you qualities and characteristics that will make you stand out from others and hence unique. Acquiring the mastery on how to alter sounds along side actions as the videos progress is a must have. Achieve it and use it to your advantage. Additionally, sounds in videos can both exaggerate or diminish certain scenes in a video to achieve whatever it is you want them to achieve. How effective you are in doing this depends largely on the kind of sound gear or equipment you have at your disposal. Simply get the best you can afford and you will be good. To summarize, learn the art of video editing even before you venture into vlogging and you would be thankful for it.

(3). Be sure to select a topic.
Since you are dealing with a mammoth competition, common sense should dictate that you start with choosing an apt or relevant topic on which you must have more than just basic knowledge. You don't expect to say or do much in something on which you know little or nothing, do you? I guess not. Having this much knowledge on your chosen topic ensures clarity and gives you a particular niche in which many others share with you. These people with whom you share interests may likely become your audience eventually. For instance, if you have this strong passion for cricket, it will do well if you know something about the rules of the game and you may have to create videos based on some of the most important cricket tournaments in which all cricket lovers relish. This way, your target audience will locate you and in no time too. It is the same for whatever you may have natural interest in.It should be noted that choosing a topic on common or exhausted topics like say etiquette or love or gossip may not get you much or any audience. For this reason, choose a topic on which not much videos are available. By downloading videos from some of the most renowned video grabbers, appropriate choices can be made to get impressive viewers and followers.

(4). By all means, maintain consistency. Consistency here refers to creating videos regularly and uploading them without any let up based on your chosen topics and niches. At least, after starting on Blogging, one is expected to maintain strict consistency for the first three to four months. This will make you noticed and what you stand for would have started becoming obvoius. Take for example a case where someone uploads a video at a particular time and takes many months afterwards before uploading another. This way, whatever interest he or she might have generated has been lost and they may need to start all over again, not unless they are celebrities. Though even celebrities need to strictly maintain consistency. One other thing to guard against is expecting instant results after uploading just a few videos. No, it does not work that way; expect to start generating required results after you have maintained consistency for sometime and not otherwise. Strict consistency must be maintained for any success to a beginner blogger.

(5). Flow with the tide and this means posting videos in tandem with what are trending on these platforms, if you wish to be successful. The instant you stumble upon something that proves interesting or is new, record a video on it and upload. 

For example, if you producing a video on say wrestling, you may want to discuss the Royal Rumble or the Grand Slam or world wrestling championships on any of WWE or other platforms. This will most assuredly stand you in good stead by way of making you popular within a very short time.

 Keeping to the latest trends in your chosen niche is of vital importance in your blogging venture and would eventually make you quite successful in no time, but do be patient on this. So, in a nutshell, follow what the trends dictate and you would be okay. Bon voyage.

(6). Your Vlogging should always tell a story which is comprehensible to your viewers and so focus on story telling, whose art has been mastered by some people and with time and practice, you can too. Watching renowned bloggers on You Tube, Tik Tok and other channels may be a good way to start acquiring the mastery of story telling. Be sure to get story lines that will thrill the audience and keep them spell bound which is an art that will propel you to great heights in a short time. Knowing how to engage viewers through the contents of your uploaded videos will sure mark you out for success in vlogging. In summary, attract your viewers by engaging them with breathtaking story lines and thereafter, every other thing would come of its own accord naturally. For the impact it promises to have on your success or otherwise in vlogging, you are advised to be very meticulous in choosing your storylines.

(7). Prefer to entertain quality rather than quantity in the types of videos you let out to the audience. Quality videos determine how far you go without any regards to how long you have been uploading. Poor quality videos are instrumental in restricting some bloggers to just a handful of subscribers even though they have been working for many years, while others who might have spent shorter periods are faring quite better and all thanks to the quality of their videos. You might therefore want to think twice on the quality of your videos. Ptofessional guide on how to accomplish top notch videos is quite indispensible here and for this you also need very good equipment or gear. The light you shoot your videos in matter and so does your sound equipment too. Your choice of background and scenes also matter a lot. All relevant information on these can be obtained easily from the net. Professional advice can also be sought on this and some
 successful bloggers are sure to help you out on this.

(8). Do be natural and avoid pretence whenever you are blogging videos which is in most cases concerned with sharing your common and daily routines or activities. Achieving this may not necessitate writing lengthy stories like in the movies. 

Simply be who and what you are and the audience will judge on that, so try not to attempt deceiving them as they are likely to get wise to your antics. Whenever you think it is the right time to create videos, by all means get down to it and you will be glad you did. Practice and rehearse your videos without let up, but avoid un-necessary breaks and interruptions which can be a turn off by making your videos boring. Practice is advisable even before you turn on your camera for any recording, so practice and practice. Afterall, they say whatever is worth doing, is worth doing well, right? Hence practice and get it right.

(9). Be sure to end your vlog videos uniquely just like their beginnings; both must be unique without compromise at all times. To achieve this uniqueness, you might want to try changing locations while shooting videos from time to time. Similarly, adding strange scenes when creating the videos will keep the audienced glued to their seats until the end. Make sure to surprise your viewers at all times by making the videos unpredictable because predictable videos are just a step from becoming boring and uninteresting, so, as much as pissible, produce unpredictable videos.


These tips and advice for beginner bloggers will go a long way in enabling you to create unique and attractive videos. Though creating and uploading of videos can be done on any platform, but the necessary conditions must be provided to make top of the line videos that will sell you without delay. To achieve success, you are advised never to compromise the quality of your videos at all times. 

Furthermore, maintain consistency in uploading videos since by doing this you stand the chance of reaping results in just a few months. Others who might have jettisoned consistency have yet to achieve any commensurate success even years after they have started, while some who started recently have gone far just for being consistent. You may also get ideas from other bloggers around you with whom you have common niches through regular interactive meetings. Availing yourself to online interviews on vlogging can also be of tremendous importance in your efforts. Do not forget that, for what it is worth, blogging is quite capable of making you famous in addition to generating income on the side. We should not equally forget that through blogging, we stand the chance of getting our voices heard.

 Sound and picture qualities are of paramount importance in determining how far our videos go and for these reasons, we should get the most appropriate equipment. Though some of these equipment do not come cheap, there are still a few that may be cheap but are almost equally as good as any other. Changing of scenes while shooting any video is highly advised as it promotes appetite for it which cannot be said for persistent boring backgrounds. Online courses and discussions with experts or experienced bloggers also do help in making you a good blogger. To shoot interesting videos does not necessarilly entail much more than just being yourself and enjoying whatever it is that you enjoy. This is being natural and so be natural about it, that's it.




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uniqueupdate: Introduction To vlogging, A Beginner's Guide
Introduction To vlogging, A Beginner's Guide
Your Vlogging should always tell a story which is comprehensible to your viewers and so focus on story telling, whose art has been mastered
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