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Content marketing is a more specialized means of using content to achieve some purposes. It does not have to be a business goal because people can...

content marketing

There is only one major reason that people are able to comfortably use the digital world. That reason is content. Machine language and website design codes are like the controls that enable content to appear in a certain way.

Contents are the ways through which our ideas are communicated to a target audience. It does not necessarily have to be in digital form because for many years contents where shared sing the print media. It is still done today but it is fast evolving to the digital world. 

It is easier now to reach people online through their mobile devices with target content than through print media. The digital world has also made tremendous progress from the use of desktop computers to smartphones that just anyone can have.

Content marketing is a more specialized means of using content to achieve some purposes. It does not have to be a business goal because people can use content to achieve a wide range of things.

In the business world, content marketing has to do with using written, audio or visual means to promote a business idea or sell products and services. Good content is expected to have the intended effect on the readers. Content marketing is nothing other than brand promotion.

What is Content? 

The content is the aspect of a campaign or promotion that is scheduled to reach the target audience. It often evokes emotions, actions and reactions from the target audience. The target audience receives the content through many mediums which are sometimes carefully selected by those who want to promote the content.

Content refers to the means through which you can communicate information’s about your business to clients. For the sake of this research, we shall consider contents in its very general sense as the communication of not just business ideas but general ideas. 

Content is often about communication and like communication, it involves the three factors of sender, receiver and medium.


The sender is often the creator of content and it is made to target certain categories of people as the target audience. The sender can communicate just any idea using a language that the target audience can easily understand. It is appropriate to call the sender the content creator who works to communicate an idea through diverse means.

The content creator has to be very knowledgeable to be able to communicate the ideas in the right way. Managing information to ensure that all the needed information is present in the content and extraneous materials are removed.

In all cases, the sender of the content bears some moral and legal responsibility for the contents when it is published. This is to ensure that dangerous content is not made or promoted.


It is often said that the medium and the messages are one and the same. For a message to reach the target audience, it must go through the right medium. A medium refers to the means through which content will be sent. It can be through print media which uses paper or digital medium.

The purpose of the content will not be achieved if the right medium is not selected. The medium also goes beyond print, electronic or digital mediums to the brand of print and digital medium to be used.

The digital medium is the most popular because of its wide coverage and it is the most flexible because it allows the display of contents that are both of the electronic and print categories.


The receiver refers to the target audience that is supposed to receive the content. 
The content creator often considers the receiver while creating content because they are the target. The receiver gets the message through the medium and they are expected to act on the message received and even provide feedback to the sender.

They are often classified into different categories to ensure that the right content reaches the right set of audiences. The receivers complete the communication circle and their reactions to the content are what constitute the feedback.

They can react by yielding to the call to action, subscribing to the services offered, changing their perspectives of ideas and products and even offering criticism. They are expected to do all but never ignore the content which is targeted at them.

Types of content 

The content creates or is expected to know how best to reach the target audience with his message. Contents can be communicated through audio, word, or visual means. While some contents may work more effectively through audio, others may go through word or visual means.

However, some contents may involve a combination of audio, visual, or word to achieve the desired result. It is often through the feedback derived from previous content or from research that content creators can find out which of them works more for their target audience.


Audio contents often involve the use of sounds and audio records to pass a message. They are often melodious and attract the listener’s attention making them listen from the beginning to the ending. 

Audio contents can come in diverse forms and length for thee target audiences listening pleasure. They can also be in downloadable forms that can portably be transferred from one device to another.

The podcast and other technologies can be used to create audio contents and they can edit to sound good. In this light, it is right to classify audiobooks, poetry recitation among others under this category.

Audio contents are suitable for all target audiences including visually impaired people and those who are less educated because the audio can be translated into diverse languages for easy understanding.

Text/typed word 

Contents in word format are more directed towards the educated class and those in the academic circle that do a lot of research. The use of words/text for content creation is very popular and common in literate societies.

A large volume of information can be passed through the word. In fact, the use of word format is found in all other modes of content creation because of its flexibility.


Visual content can be in either video or photo form and it capitalizes on the strength of visual effects to pass a message to a target audience. Visual contents are able to appeal to emotions and captivate viewers. It is commonly used for advert purposes and it works effectively because more entertaining features can be added to make it fun.

Visual contents also target a general category of people many of whom do not have to be highly educated to understand the message being passed. Videos can easily go viral because of their entertainment content.

Technology has also made the use of these means of communication to be easy and convenient through a wide range of mobile devices. They can be stored these devices and their effect can last a long time. It is left to the content creator to determine the best choice for the target audience.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is very practical. We can understand it by this simple illustration; 

Dimitry has a product or services to sell so he decided to achieve that by using online, electronic or print means. He will need to create a video, audio or text, use photos to create the content that reflects what he wants then share them to the target audience through social media, electronic media, websites or blogs online. He can make use of multiple mediums. If Dimitry is able to achieve this, he has done what is called content marketing. 

In its specialized form, content marketing is professionally termed digital marketing because it involves the proper application of online and digital tools to get the content to the right audiences. When it is done rightly, Dimitry’s content will reach his target audience and they will buy his product and subscribe to his services.

Content marketing refers to the creation and sharing of online materials which is aimed at stimulating interest in a product or service. In other words, content marketing is selling a product or services through online means. 

Since it is done online, the content creator uses appropriate online content marketing aids like video, photos, blogs, websites, social media among others to promote the content to reach as many people as possible.

Digital marketing is a broad aspect of content marketing which includes content marketing on diverse platforms such as social media, blogs among others.

1 Social Media

Many people are on social media so it has a very large market for your content. 
People scroll through social media frequently and they can easily find your content if your page is well managed. Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, linkedin among others are social media platforms through which content marketing can be done effectively.

One way to sell a product or services on social media is to have a page for your product or services. Social media brings diverse people together and it has its business tools that allow promotion and SEO strategies to make the business grow.

For content marketing on social media to be effective, there must be a social media management plan and a clear goal. There are also analytical tools that can help track the progress of your content when it is published. Such analytical tools measure use engagement such as likes, views, clicks, comments, shares among others.

Social media allows only limited content especially twitter which currently has a maximum of 280 characters of alphabets. All the necessary information
Must be briefly written and there are provisions to add photos, videos and links to social media contents.

Most people access social media from mobile devices and smartphones so your content will definitely reach a large number of people and have reasonable engagement.

2 Blogs

One advantage of blogs over social media is that it allows the sharing of large volumes of content in the form of articles. Blogs also have a unique SEO feature that allows published content to reach a wider audience. Product description, marketing copy, adverts among others can be published on blogs.

3 Emails

Newsletters, notifications and latest product updates can be sent to those that have subscribed through the website or those targeted for marketing. Through the newsletter, the company product and services can be promoted.

Content Marketing on Digital Platforms

There are many ways to promote your content for engagement but if you have selected digital platforms such as social media, blogs, and other digital mediums then you need to work with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Whether on blog websites or social media search engine optimization is essential to make the content visible to users of either search engines or social media.

Search engine optimization for blogs involves the use of focus keywords and other features that can make the content rank high when related content is searched. The chosen focus keyword must also be a trending search that people will likely search for. When they search for related items and it pops up, they can read it and make the necessary call to actions which is very important in content marketing.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is also used on social media through the use of tags. Social media pages can also pop up in search engines when related content is searched.

However, social media has a simpler SEO system because it makes provision for page followers who are able to find the latest updates and contents on the page that they follow.

Content marketing for digital platforms involves the combination of all these strategies to promote a product or services. The content will leverage on social media with many active users and websites or blogs to dominate the search engine space.
Apart from focus keywords other features such as featured images, links readability also affect the performance of content.

Content marketing can be termed a success if after using diverse platforms to promote content; it generates the expected result of sales, subscription and feedback or as set by the content creator. If it does not meet the set target and goals of the content marketing campaign then it was a failure.

Following the coronavirus pandemic, more brands have intensified content marketing through diverse mediums to reach the high number of people that re now online because of the lockdown. More transactions have also been taking place online, meaning that it has worked for many brands.

Many brands ran sponsored/paid advertising on many digital platforms and grew their followers at an unprecedented rate.

Importance of Content Marketing

Content marketing is very important because it determines whether a brand's product and services will be perceived by potential clients. There are many brands online so it is the content that stands out that will often get the most attention. 
Content marketing is important for many reasons

1 Brand Awareness

When a new brand or product is launched the net agenda will be to publicize it so that more people can get to know about it. After gaining information on the brand they are persuaded to patronize the brand.

Whether through social media, blogs, or emails, content marketing helps to promote brand awareness. Although it often contains information about a product or service that a brand offers, it still promotes the brand. 

Major global brands have also been using social media to remain at the top because of its huge potentials. Content marketing can also happen through print media and the effect varies from one medium to another.

One can categorically state that brands on social media have awareness than those that ate not on social media which has the largest assembly of people in the online community. When brand awareness is strong, they tend to have a high competitive advantage and record more sales.

2 Competition

Brands often struggle for customer attention and compete over who offers a better service. Interestingly, they cannot be the judge but have to surrender to the potential clients and target audiences that receive their content. Content marketing helps brands to strategize towards captivating clients in choosing their brand.

Companies are always competing for more clients and if they find a platform where more clients can be found, they will stop at nothing to dominate the market through effective content marketing. It is very common among brand that offers similar services or sells similar products.

By continuing to produce marketing content and keeping their clients engaged, they will remain strong in that position and will keep other competitors in check. Companies spend heavily on content marketing using even targeted paid ads to keep promoting their services to the target audience.

Competition often places one company ahead of another and content marketing can help brands achieve that.

3 Lead Generation

With a simple call to action link, you can lead clients through your contents marketing campaign to subscribe to your services or buy your products. Sales are originally the primary goal of all marketing activities.

Companies want to grow their profit and expand their production but the only way to get that done is through content marketing. They must persuade their potential clients that their products or services are able to provide maximum satisfaction to them.

Through effective content marketing companies can increase sales and lead generation by taking advantage of a wide range of platforms to promote their content.

Delivery services were also on the ground to ensure that products successfully paid for are delivered to areas that movement is still allowed. Most brands engaging in content marketing have a well-established and secure payment system that allows interested persons to make purchases online.

3 Engagement

Content marketing promotes engagement between the content and the receivers. Since most of them gain access to the content through their mobile devices, they can easily engage with the content by sharing, downloading, viewing, liking, and commenting. In this way, the content creators will be able to ascertain how well the content is doing.

This engagement is very important. It is available in other media forms like the electronic medium but it is much stronger in the digital media because the tools for providing feedback are readily available to all owners of mobile devices.

Engagement helps the content creator to monitor the feedback and better plan future campaign. The number of people that the content can get to is limitless so there are immense content engagement potentials when a brand decides to carry out content marketing. 

4 Customer Service

If more clients can engage with a company’s content then they will be able to provide feedback on the product or services that are being promoted. Their feedback will help the brand provide a more efficient customer service based on the observations from the content marketing campaign.

Content marketing helps to strengthen a company’s customer satisfaction index if the client feedbacks are taken into consideration in offering future services.
It is much easier when the company chooses to carry out its content marketing campaign through digital media.

The content contains the benefit of the product or services to the client and it persuades them to give it a try. If it is done through a social media platform potential clients can comment or message the brand and get direct feedback from the customer service team.

5 Cost-Effective

Content marketing via digital platforms is more effective than marketing trough conventional electronic media. It reaches a large number of persons within just minutes and establishes the rand in the mind of clients.

Apart from the digital platforms content whether in the video, audio, or word form can be promoted through diverse non-digital means but digital media stands out as the most cost-effective. It also passes through a less rigid ad policy when it is done through digital media.

Challenges of Content Marketing

In as much as content marketing has so many advantages for brands, it also has some disadvantages that brands need to watch out for. The disadvantages can be hazardous even to the clients and all should be done to limit this negative aspect of content marketing. At best it should be harnessed into strengths to make the content marketing more effective.

Below are some challenges posed by content marketing through the diverse mediums that it is shared with special emphasis on the digital media

1 Top Brands Domination

Content marketing is often dominated by top brands in the industry. They often devote a large part of their yearly budget to content marketing thereby dominating the highly competitive market.

Smaller brands do not often have the resources to promote their content as much as larger companies. Hey try by engaging in content marketing but the market remains dominated by larger brands that have for many years kept customers captivated by their contents.

Some brands have so dominated the market that their names have become synonymous with certain services and products that consumers need. It is difficult to compete with these big companies that can spend a fortune on content marketing.

2 Ad Policy

Not all platforms allow the publication of a large volume of content. It is left to the company trying to promote its content to capture all its products and services in the simplest possible form that complies with the ad policy of the media platform.

Ad policies may also involve some bias on the part of the ad-company which may preserve its political or economic interests ahead of the interest of the company that wants to promote its content.

This is very vital because not all companies promote products and services. Some are politically and ideologically oriented and cannot thrive when their ideals are in contrast with the ideals of the digital platform owner.
Such situations are not uncommon with social media platforms like Facebook, twitter among others.

3 Target Audience

Reaching the target audience is very important in content marketing. It is also a major challenge because most platforms that make provisions for reaching targeted audiences do not have full control over the information supplied to them by their platform users. For instance, an ad that targets Florida residents might face a lot of misfires if it assumes that none of the platform users have relocated since their update on the platform.

Many human rights groups have also described the ad policies of some of these platforms which use individual data for business purposes as an infringement on the rights of users.

When analytical tools claim that a certain number of people have been reached through a targeted ad, it may not be totally factual because of changes in the user's location. Even when a targeted audience, there may also be segregations and micro-groups that can make more impressions on the company’s content marketing.

4 Payment and Delivery

Paying through a secure platform is also a very big challenge in content marketing. Most content marketing launched by businesses often tries to persuade people into buying some products or subscribing for some services.

In some cases, interested clients have to make payment for the commodity online and await delivery. That is where the challenge is because not all payment platforms are trustworthy and secure. 

Some of them can even expose user private details to fraud because they are not secure. So even when the content reaches the target audiences, they may still be afraid to make transactions especially if it through an online platform. 

5 Social Engineering Attacks/Fraud

The rate of social engineering and cyber-attacks has increased at an alarming rate since the lockdown began. Cybercrime is on the rise largely due to the massive loss of jobs caused by the ravaging coronavirus that paralyzed economic activities globally forcing some persons to crime.

This has also exposed content marketing to the risk of attacks from hackers. Hackers often gain illegal access to information and use them for some fraudulent purposes. 

To avoid such problems, some media platforms like Twitter brought about the idea of verifying some accounts so that when people engage content from the platform they will be certain that they are associating with a certain individual or brand. 

However, that did not stop the twitter accounts of big names such as Elon Musk, Bill Gates among others from being hacked in July 2020.

Many websites and media platforms have suffered a similar fate in the hand of hackers and internet fraudsters. Some brands have also suffered impersonation and unsuspecting clients have been defrauded of their hard-earned money through false pretense. 

That was what happened when those prominent twitter accounts were hacked in July. People were asked to donate money for charity not knowing that they were dealing with hackers.

Social engineering attacks can destroy a brand's hard-earned reputation with just one blow. As brands try to explore the opportunities presented by content marketing to their advantage they must also try to protect their contents for all forms of social engineering attacks.

To ensure the protection of contents from social engineering attacks brands whether small or big must take the following very seriously:

1 Avoid accessing company login details on external devices

Most forms of social engineering attacks occur from compromised information leaking out to hackers. Is can happen when staff or insider uses the company’s access details on an external device. By not using the company details on external devices the chances of suffering such attacks on contents will be limited.

2 Avoid clicking suspected links

A lot of feedback is generated when a company engages in content marketing. Not all the feedbacks are genuine as online fraudsters may try to compromise the information system by ending links in the guise of complaints or inquiries. These links may compromise the company system and expose content to hackers.

3 Cyber Safety Units

It is not just the brand's content that is at risk of attack but also the potentials clients, Therefore, the company needs to provide a robust response unit to tackle it when it happens because it threatens the company’s integrity. This unit will regularly train staff on emerging trends in social engineering attacks and help them to better protect the company’s content and clients from attacks.

4 Reporting

When cases of social engineering attacks are suspected, the best thing to do is to report as quickly as possible for urgent action. Such cases can be a false company page or false content published under the company name.  

Apart from the clients, the staffs of the company are on the hacker's target list so they should champion the anti-social engineering attack policy of the company by cooperating with the cyber safety unit to address the matter.

Beginning Your Content Marketing Journey

Content marketing is a trend that has come to stay so it is better to join the trend. The current state of the global economy which has been greatly affected by lockdown has made many brands big and small alike to embrace content marketing as the surest way to reach clients in the comfort of their homes.
To engage in content marketing is the most rewarding step that any rand can take in the midst of economic uncertainties. By leveraging on the merits and limiting the demerits of content marketing, brands can easily achieve their goals.
If you are looking forward to joining the league of companies involved in content marketing, you will find the following tips very helpful.

1 Plan

The first thing to do if you have decided to embrace content marketing is to plan. It is important to have a plan on how you will execute your marketing across diverse platforms to achieve the desired result. Your content marketing plan should include the entire budget for content marketing and the duration of the campaign. You will also select the kind of medium through which your content marketing will take place.

2 Outsource content creators:

Except your brand already has a content marketing or digital marketing unit, it is important to outsource it to experts to ensure a smooth implementation. Content creators are often skilled in major aspects such as writing, video creation, audio, graphics among others.

They also understand the best way to covey your products or services in a way that will be appealing to clients. You should also remain part of the team to ensure that things are done according to your specifications because you know your customers better

3 Apply Research and Strategy:

There are available research materials that can contribute to the success of your content marketing. These researches expose so areas that you should leverage on and warns against certain practices in content marketing that can jeopardize the campaign.

4 Use Analytics:

Analytical tools are readily available especially when you are using a digital platform. They will help you reach the target audience. They also help to track the progress of your campaign and provide data for future content marketing.

5 Expand:

Since competitors are often trying to be ahead of one another, the end of one content marketing campaign should mark the beginning of another. Some brands carry out content marketing for many months and it gives them an edge over their rivals in the industry. Your future campaigns should build on the successes recorded in previous campaigns and it should be expanding in reach and its content.


There is no way a brand or business can do without effective content marketing. It must regularly engage its clients and prospects through interesting and interactive content using diverse mediums and means to create awareness or sell its products or services.

Content marketing will determine to a large extent the brands that will lead the emerging world economy.




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Everything you need to know about Content Marketing
Content marketing is a more specialized means of using content to achieve some purposes. It does not have to be a business goal because people can...
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