Getting the basis of ON-Page Search Engine Optimization Right


Search Engine Optimization is the technique of helping internet users find your content when it has been published into the vastness of the internet.


     Search engines understand no other language but SEO. No matter how beautiful a page is and well organized its contents are, it will not gain much visibility in search engines if it is not applied. Its application must also follow some guidelines to avoid abuse and penalties that can negatively affect a page ranking. 

Have you ever imagined what it feels like to be lost in space like a satellite? Space is so big, vast and limitless that it can take your breath away. That is exactly how the online world is. Just like atoms are made up of countless innumerable particles so is the online space boundless.

On the online space, nothing is destroyed and it never gets full. That is exactly what happens when you publish an article on the web. Most people are familiar with social media where they have content and get comments, likes, and reactions from friends and people of interest. 

That is made possible because out of the vastness of the internet which is as vast as space, experts were able to create a place just like the planet, continent, and then country. That is why engagement on social media is high. But when it is published on a website, it goes into space and can be lost if it is not trailed.

Understanding Page SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the technique of helping internet users find your content when it has been published into the vastness of the internet. This includes bits of techniques that can lead people to find your content days, weeks, or months afterward. The implication of this is that without effective SEO, your page will not be found on the internet.

There are two kinds of SEO. Namely; organic SEO and paid SEO. When you search an item in a search engine like Google, you can easily find some websites ranking among the first top two or three. They are often websites that have employed paid SEO to rank at the top. They can be identified by the (ad) tag on them.

However, organic SEO is below them but they are not paid for and can even rank at the top too. Organic ranking is very important because it helps the website to gain much organic traffic without having to spend on paid SEO. SEO Pages as discussed here is considered largely in its organic sense.

This is because the latest improvements and reports on Google ranking standards emphasize website standards, responsiveness, user experience among other factors to rank pages.

What are Pages?

     Pages are the basic aspects of a website or blog that contain the main idea or services or goals of the website. Pages often consist of a single content that is very relevant to the identity of the brand. It is the platform through which people interact with your website or blog. Different types of pages can be found on a website but four of them often standout

Home page

  The homepage contains all other pages and if it is well optimized it will appear on search engines like Google. However other pages can still rank on search engines. It is the first page that people are introduced to when they click on your website link.

The homepage is often well designed and contains catchy images and features that can entice visitors to browse more. It is also the center of most promotional and marketing activities on your page.

Although the homepage is standard and has many permanent contents, some aspects of it like the featured blog posts, announcements are updated regularly. Since it is the homepage that the user sees first, Google will consider it in its ranking ahead of other pages.

About us

The home page is mainly an introductory page but more details about the website goals and services can be found in the about us section of the website. When people want to search a website because of the idea that they came across they often what is related to the contents of the about us page. That is why with the right optimization, the about us page can rank very high in search engines.

Contact us

The contact us page equally has relevant information on accessing the services that the website promotes. So, it can also rank high as a page. This can be very important if the website has a visible office or shop that people are expected to come for business transactions. People can easily search for services in certain locations and find your page ranking among the first five in organic search.


The menu page contains other information that might be of interest to users. The menu does not contain new information but it is also very important to help readers understand what your blog or website offers

Why Pages Need SEO?

Pages need SEO more than other content on the websites because they carry out a standard function that does not require frequent editing and updates. A page that ranks high on search engines will serve the website for a long time until a page with a much high SEO technique comes up.

The pages on your website or blog were created to reach as many people as possible so they must make use of SEO strategies which is the only way to reach many people on the internet.

These days, when people think about an idea, a product or a service, the first thing that they do is to search the internet on their phones or use a desktop to see what it is about. At least that is what the layman knows about using the internet. Knowing how those contents get there and why some rank ahead of others is a task for SEO experts. 

The internet follows the empiricists’ logic that if a tree falls in the forest at night during a rainstorm and nobody saw or heard it fall, it means that nothing fell. This implies that no matter how well built a website is or how rich its contents are, it is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that will determine if anyone will ever find it on the internet. The goals of all websites and pages are to reach as many people as possible and it is on this basis that they all need SEO.

Setting Your Page SEO 

SEO success does not happen suddenly because there are many contents on your website. It is a product of a good strategy and a deliberate effort. To set up your page SEO, the following are very important.

Focus Keyword

The blog name and services must be contained in all the pages that you intend to rank. There must be a focus keyword for all your pages and the focus keyword should be something that people frequently look for. It should not be the blog name alone but a service or something that the blog stands for. For the sample SEO Page below, we shall use (About Gombi Rug Cleaning Services in Abuja) for our focus keyword.

You can check Google trends and other keyword ranking sites to see which focus keyword is ranking high within your blog niche. You do not have to use keywords hook line and sinker as you found them on ranking sites. Rather you can copy them and add some modifications to make it a property of your site alone. Instead of writing the name of the services you can add your brand name before it. Focus keywords will help your page to rank very well.


Since you intend to rank your page, it is important not because of any outbound link but to use links that will lead readers to other pages on the site. It should not take them to other sites except you are writing a blog post. Our sample SEO Page can have a link to the (home page). Outbound links are very useful for blog articles and content but not the main site pages.

You can also add different links to the contents in your blog. The different links must be those of the pages on your website that you want to rank high in search engines. Links are like references that back up your claims or support your call to action. 


The content in your SEO pages should not be too much but it should contain only the right information that readers will be interested in.

Related Keyword

Apart from having a focus keyword, the page should also have related keywords and words that are similar to the blog or website niche. Related keywords for the SEO Pages should include (rug cleaning, cleaning services, vacuuming, steaming). They can also help the page rank.  

Optimized Image

It always does not occur to website owners that the images that they use need to be optimized too. After it is downloaded from a source, the image should have an alternative text which should be the focus keyword. The title of the content should also be in the space provided to fully optimize an image. Optimized images can also appear in search engines just like contents and readers can follow the link to your site.

Sentence length

Having long and complex sentences is not a good idea for SEO. When the length of the sentences in your content exceeds 20, It will affect its optimization. Sentences should be short and they should contain simple words. Having many long sentences will not improve the readability and user experience of your page. If your users rate your low on that search engines can go a step further by not showing it in search results. 

Keyword distribution

The keyword of your content must be used more than three times depending on the size of your content. It has to be used properly to have a higher chance of being ranked by Google. That does not mean that it should be overused because content that is over-optimized with many keywords will not do well in ranking.
The URL of your page is expected to be short. It should also have the keyword that you want the page to rank for. After typing in your title you will notice a link below on your website which will be used by Google in the ranking. It automatically forms but it does not often have your keyword except it is added.

Page images and slide

Images and slides of people cleaning the rug will be attractive to readers. Page images on the SEO Page will improve user experience on your website.

Apart from these factors which are important to rank your page well, the readability of your content must also be good. A good readability ranking avoids the use of complex words, passive words, and ensures the distribution of keywords in the content no matter how brief it is.

Sample SEO Page

We shall consider a sample SEO page using all the details that were identified as part of our SEO technique. The sample SEO page below is designed only for our explanation. It shows how the various elements of SEO discussed above can be applied on a page. They can be applied not just on the “About Us” page but also on all website pages that are expected to rank.

Below is a sample of "About Us" page of Gombi Rug Cleaning Services in Abuja

Gombi rug cleaning services offer a wide range of rug cleaning services in Abuja. Using the latest cleaning equipment we offer efficient rug vacuuming, steaming, and upholstery cleaning services.

Our 9 years’ experience in active cleaning services has made us a champion in the rug cleaning industry. Our team of cleaners follows standard industry practices and uses only approved materials for cleaning so that you will get value for money and high-quality services.

Our clients are our priority and we are ready to serve you when you contact us to clean the rugs in your home, hotels, and public places. Unique packages such as coronavirus cleaning are also offered at Gombi rug cleaning.

Challenges to Effective Page SEO 

Getting the on-page Search Engine right is a problem for most websites. This is because without a good knowledge of how Google ranks pages the SEO goals cannot be achieved.
From time to time, Google introduces new standards for ranking websites and pages on search engines. The criteria that made a page to rank three years ago will not work in 2020. In fact, just three months ago, a report of the release of Google's new ranking standard which will become operational in 2021.
 The new criteria will further change the ranking standards. It is these frequent changes that have made SEO a big challenge to many people.

1 Speed

Most website owners do not think that the time that it takes their website pages to load can affect their Page SEO. By Google's standard, a page that loads faster will rank ahead of a page that takes too much time to load. Aside from Google, website users also enjoy a website that has fast loading pages. Your web developers have an important role to play in helping your website pages to load in record time.

2 User Experience

How easily people can navigate through your website is also part of the user experience that can affect your page ranking in search engines. This includes how well the menu is arranged, the interface they have, and navigation.
Pages that have had to locate and navigation problems will not be ranked ahead of pages with good navigation and easy to use formats.

3 Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Your content should be optimized for mobile devices. Mobile devices are different from desktops because they are used more often than desktop devices. If your website and its pages are optimized for mobiles, the content in your pages will be found more easily.

4 Interstitial.

There is a wrong idea that website owners have about popups on pages when users browse through them. It is an annoying experience to try to browse a page and be frequently seeing popup ads on the page. It has a negative experience in the user's perception of your site. The problem here is the wrong notion that website owners have thinking that popups do more good than bad to their website pages.
These are termed challenges because many website managers do not know how negatively it can affect their page SEO.


Abuses That Affect Page SEO

While many website owners face the challenges discussed above, others face self-inflicted limitations due to certain sharp practices. They engage in these practices fully aware of its implication but they hope to by-pass Search engine scrutiny somehow by engaging in these practices not knowing that Search engines are structured not only to detect them but also issue penalties on some infractions.

Abuse of HI Tag

Google understands what the page is about through the H1 tag. For instance, if the content is made on a WordPress site with Yoast SEO, the buttons will not show green if the heading is not made with H tags. It is very important and it can bring a page up during crawling
Heading tags also work as well as keywords. However, some websites use tags for dubious means by applying them to an outrageous number of times in content to make it easily discoverable and high ranking. The system can detect infractions.

Internal 404

Websites may have 404 errors because developers hurriedly put them on to achieve some SEO goals. Sometimes they are aware of it but allow it to boost their ranking. A website that has an unresponsive page with a "404 error" will not have high ranking pages even though it was ranking before. Google identifies such pages and cannot afford to rank them above those that are not having such errors. Having many pages is not the secret to SEO if they are full of web errors and cannot load.


A site that uses the English language cannot link to one that uses Spanish except there is some dubious motive behind it. However, there are exceptions to this. But most people that link to sites that use foreign language are only trying to steal their way into Google ranking. It does not work but even limits the site ranking.

Hiding Links

There is no definite number of links that are required in content but website owners must always beware of over-optimizing their websites by using hidden links. Those that make use of this false SEO strategy often disguise the links by using the background of their site. They are only known when users tap on them. However, Google knows and it can affect the ranking of a website page.

Expired and timing out websites

Having your website timing out or expired will affect your Google ranking. Google knows websites that have timed out and it will re-index such pages from its ranking. This cannot be termed an abuse but shows inconsistency and nonchalance on the part of site managers. When this happens your site will lose its top ranking pages from Google.

Plagiarism and Scrapped Contents

Trying to populate your site by stealing content from other sites in a bid to improve on your SEO ranking can affect your website a great deal. Google frowns at plagiarism and it cannot rank a page that has scrapped contents.


Page SEO is very important to enable you to achieve your goals of having your website rank high on search engines and gain more organic traffic. SEO is the lifeblood of any website and it is a strategy that must be implemented to the full to achieve the desired goal for your website or blog.

To have a page that ranks well on search engines you must be ready to commit time and attention to planning and strategizing on how best you can implement a good SEO strategy. Success in SEO for pages does not happen within a short time. It is a process that should be duly monitored as it progresses.




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uniqueupdate: Getting the basis of ON-Page Search Engine Optimization Right
Getting the basis of ON-Page Search Engine Optimization Right
Search Engine Optimization is the technique of helping internet users find your content when it has been published into the vastness of the internet.
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